Hello! Happy Happy New Year folks! Welcome to my new blog. Thank you so much for the support and love shown during the build up to the launch of the blog. It has been a long time coming but we are here now!

Stepping up was only going to be enough for so long. A sense of style is like wine- it gets better with age. However, unlike a barrel that sits around and waits for time to take its toll on the product, style has to be exercised- like a muscle.

A willingness to be open minded and change is very important- if at all the art of apparel is to be mastered. Much like school, we all need someone to learn from. After all, one pretends to do something or copy someone until it can be done confidently in what easily becomes one’s own style.

So this year, we get to know the rules and bend them. We will step into the unknown and somewhat unconventional here and there. I will have guest features, shop reviews, celebrity style critique and so much more that will keep you coming back! And well, once in a while, there will be something for the ladies too so be on the look out!

This time, we step out and step it up a notch higher!



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