Happy New Month folks! Now that January is done with, we can now pay something- at least attention haha!

The weather is proving so unpredictable lately, making it difficult to dress up for it. In the series of this and upcoming posts, I will be floating ideas on how to go about the day dressed up for the occasion and the weather too. For this post, I picked my camel rayon topcoat as the centerpiece.lrm_export_20170208_1351071


You could pair the camel topcoat with blue pants and a grey waistcoat. The blue pants tone down the somewhat colorful look , lest you look like a walking rainbow. The white oxford shirt is a staple that every gent should have and often gives a crisp feel to any look.lrm_export_20170208_181018

ย  The coat will be sure to keep you warm through the cold mornings and evenings, and when the sun comes out guns blazing during the day, rid yourself of it- stick to the waistcoat. This way, you will still look as dapperly done. The tie pick and happy socks somewhat compliment each other but contrast the brown hue dominating the look. I keep saying this- contrast is too beautiful to ignore.LRM_EXPORT_20170208_164234.jpg




Well, some say better safe than sorry so I picked something a little laid back for this look.ย  The not so wild dandy could pair the camel topcoat with grey pants and a pair of socks that won’t scream out of your shoes. The woolen tie I picked not only has beautiful texture, but also has both brown and grey, somewhat tying the look together (pun intended).LRM_EXPORT_20170208_193611.jpglrm_export_20170208_214008

NB. The details picked can go a long way to garnish what would otherwise be your any day look- remember the devil is in the details.lrm_export_20170208_165452

Feel free to let me know what you think about the look below in the comments section and subscribe! Thanks for stopping by!


17 thoughts on “ENTRENCHED

  1. So this is a nice way to dress to beat the morning and evening cold… Just not sure each of us has a place to throw a coat when we need to… Happy socks prove a screamer for me but I am no expert here… What’s that you said about contrast? Yeah… It’s hard to miss.

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