Hello there! Yes! It is about that time of the year when invites to events like cocktails, high tea events, throwback themed events  and many of the kind start flying in. These are not those you want to go alone to- so I got help from some friends  to put this post together.


They say two is better than one, well and so is three. As I promised, I have a little something for the ladies here. I don’t know too much about ladies clothes, but I know good clothes when I see them. So I got Sheila– whose style is seamlessly impeccable ,and Eddy-an artist whose art(which you can find here)not only sticks to the canvas, but also comes to life in his choice of apparel.

lrm_export_20170224_115013 We worked around a vintage theme with a slight touch of modern.

Guys, if you are stepping out for such events, you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard, neither do you want to look like you are not trying at all. First off, a pair of suspenders will ALWAYS bring a vintage feel to any look- so start from there.


When put on with a crisp shirt- the look is almost halfway done. Whether your suspenders complement or contrast your tie/ bow tie is for you to choose. Whether to settle for clip-on or button-on suspenders, we will talk about sooner than later.


For pants, let them fit right- FIT FIRST!

Note– Just so you know, pleated pants have an edge when it comes to putting together a vintage look.

Be careful about how many breaks your pants have when you rock the suspenders- from past experiences I have had, they have a way of pulling your pants a little higher than usual. For starters, pant breaks are the folds your pants have above the cuff of your leg- the fewer the better. Eddy managed to get away with this because he pulled off a more modern look with a tie.

For shoes, to achieve a somewhat formal look, settle for black or brown pure leather Kiltie Loafers- like I did.

lrm_export_20170226_225906 For a more laid back look, get playful and settle for a modern version like what Eddy settled for.lrm_export_20170224_114041

With this shoe type, the rule of thumb is NO SOCKS, but if need be, stick to no-show socks or what I call “invisible socks.” But if you are out to make a statement, try canvas shoes- trust me- this will not just turn heads, it will break necks.


To top it off, throw on a blazer or a fancy trench coat to polish the look but remember the vintage element of the look is key.LRM_EXPORT_20170227_001113.jpg

Don’t forget to check out part two of this post right here, for the ladies.

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                  Photography by Taraji Images

                 Footwear: Loafers- Stacy Adams                                        & Bata

                 Blazers & Trench  Coats:Thrifted

                                Pants: Thrifted 


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