Hello there! If you know me well, you definitely would know that I have been on the hunt for a casual look that I can rock any other day. Well, not just a look, but a definite style I can identify with- one that says who I am. When I got this jacket, I knew I’d hit the jackpot😂😂. lrm_export_20170313_211958.jpgI found something I not only relate with, but also something I can comfortably rock on any day. Let’s talk flight jackets.

Originally meant for military pilots, these have evolved over time into the stylish article of clothing they are today. Commonly known as bomber jackets, these are quickly finding their way into many a man’s wardrobe.lrm_export_20170313_173616.jpg

To start with, the jacket’s rounded collar allows you to wear it with so many different types of collars- both formal and informal. From v-necks to rounded collars, this makes it an easy add-on to any look that keeps you warm and looking stylish even on a run-down day.LRM_EXPORT_20170313_223658

The bomber would look great with a t-shirt underneath, but if you want to make it a little interesting, settle for a patterned tee  or one with graffiti or something just to add some funk to what would otherwise be a plain look.

You can also throw on an interesting scarf for colder days.


If you want to go the semi formal way, you could settle for a formal shirt- but this would look great with a plain bomber, as opposed to those with badges and writings on them. For college kids like myself, a flannel shirt is a great alternative.LRM_EXPORT_20170313_230203



The bombers I have on this post are made of nylon fabric, making them light to carry around and still keeping you warm enough. Don’t let the bulky look fool you,  these can  be easily folded and can fit perfectly in a backpack in case the weather decides otherwise on your behalf.LRM_EXPORT_20170313_211927

Pick a pair of nicely fitting pants. This goes a long way to make the look meticulously refined and modern. Whether chinos, denim or just formal pants- fit comes first.



For the dandy,  you could kick it up a notch by rocking ripped pants (which I did not) 😂😂. For the laid back gentleman, plain nicely fitting pants will do just fine.

You could also fold the cuff of your pants to create the illusion of better tapered pants.


For a casual look, canvas will do just fine but if you want to go all out and make a statement, feel free to rock a pair of  boots.


My thoughts…

  • If you’re going for a semi formal look, pick some toned down colors like blacks and greys so as to let the  jacket be the centerpiece of the look.
  • Both contrasting and complimentary colors will great when pulling off flight jackets. Don’t hold back, go all the way.
  • It takes a level of creativity to pull off bombers without being boring- be versatile and let it bring out who you are.
  • For those in colder hemispheres,  feel free to do some layering- say a hoodie or something.


Remember, style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma, fashion is what comes when you lack style.

Want a flight jacket? To make orders call 0718102041

Photography by Taraji Images

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