Hello! It has been a while since I posted, but I am back! So July is here with us. What better time to flaunt your socks game- when it’s cold and everyone’s freezing, and you want to brighten up the weather? Now that’s killing two stones with one bird…oops, I meant two birds with one stone.😂

Colored socks have been trending for a while now and they are not going away anytime soon. If you can’t beat them, join them-they say. And so do I. But just how do you buy  those that won’t make you look like a clown? 


First, consider the clothes you have and buy socks that can work with the colors you already have. Of course, you will want your socks to contrast your outfit like everyone else. But for starters, I’d rather you go safe than sorry- or should I say clowny- (clown-y)?😂

When it comes to patterns, the simpler the better. All these geometrical patterns going around are fancy and all but they won’t give you that mature look every man wants to achieve. Unless you’re an architect, you could use your socks to “draw attention”.😅 But those “fancy” socks will draw the wrong kind of attention. 

Settle for simpler patterns like polka dots and stripes then you can grow your socks game after you have mastered the basics. 

Before you go do that though…less is more, don’t let your socks have more than three colors. This will make them more versatile and easier to wear. You’ll get more use out of them as opposed to if you had socks that make you look like you passed with flying colors back in school.😂

Now you can go ahead and brighten up your day with a pair or two. Happy socks make happy feet! Get out there and rock them like a man.😎

Thanks for stopping by.👊

Photography by Njeri Gakuo@Picha Perfect Images



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