Hello! So bomber jackets have been quite the trend for a long while now, and they do not seem to be going anywhere. By now,I am sure you guys know- I am always on the lookout for what’s next when it comes to trends and that I appreciate being different. That is what I have done in this post.DSC_0267

You have probably been thinking of getting rid of that nylon bomber jacket you have or probably been looking for something different because bombers have become a universal thing now. But before you do both, here is what you need to consider before buying something else:
First bombers are still the in thing and this is going to be the case for a few months, if not years to come. So I think you should still buy a bomber- a different one though. Look out for one that is made from different fabric- not the old boring nylon that’s shiny. Try out a cotton one or probably a suede one.

The suede one will be a little pricey…NO…VEERRY pricey, but oh well, If you can, why not? You will surely stand out from that crowd of guys from your school or your workplace who still wear what everyone else is rocking. Choose a basic colored one- grey, blue or black. This way, you will be able to wear it with lots of combinations you probably have.

Now that, is VERSATILITY. Pair it up with your solid colored pants and probably just regular sneakers and you’re good to go.

If you are probably not planning to buy a new bomber, then wear it differently. And this is why I insist on buying neutral colored bombers- you can wear them with anything. Not only that, but also- you can wear them in different ways and still look as neat as it can get without looking like you are wearing what you did yesterday. For instance, you can wear it with a hoodie inside(layering) and go for the college type of look if you wish to do so.



For footwear,settle for some nice white sneakers- which you can never go wrong with.

But if you feel a little skeptical about it, you could play matchy with your shoes and jacket. Add some funk to your look with some happy socks(of course  after you have read my post on how to buy happy socks HERE.)😃

Always remember to wear a nice watch to top it all off, step out with bomberstic confidence in that bomber!(pun intended)😎


Photography by Jphotpgraphy254

Bombers- Thrifted

White Sneakers- Firetrap


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