Photography by Agani Nyakundi Photography

Hello!Happy New month to you!
So, as it is, the weather has decided that we will experience all four seasons in a day- at least in Kenya. I thought I should tell and show you a perfect way of going about the day in this weather- LAYERING.


Definition of dress in layers
: to wear several pieces of clothing on top of one another.

What you will need:
(i) An overcoat/trench coat.
(ii) A suit or a suit jacket and pants that are made of light fabric.


Layering is as simple as it sounds. We will start from the top going down.

 First off, every man should have at least one trench or top coat- a beautiful one for that matter. For starters, you could go for a black, grey or navy one. This will be easy to wear and they match with so many colors. This will be your shield and defender through chilly mornings and late evenings when it gets cold. A knee-length one is a classic and will take your style game to a whole new level- You won’t just turn heads, you will break necks- trust me.LRM_EXPORT_20170911_153527 However,more seriously,
the reason I would opt for a longer top coat if I were you, is because breathable fabric will let in the cold in the morning and your legs will freeze.

Your suit or your suit jacket should be made of light fabric. This is because it will get hot during the day, and you will need to stay cool all day long- and look great while at it. The same applies to your pants- in this weather- light fabric is your friend. This will allow you to move around and run errands easily because more breathable fabric is better for hot days.

LRM_EXPORT_20170911_153328LRM_EXPORT_20170911_155116 A touch of color on your jacket will make the look pop and stand out.


Basically, how layering works, is having lighter fabric on the inside, and heavier fabric on the outside. This way, you will be able to get rid of the add-on weight you don’t need when it is hot during the day but also keep warm when it is cold and freezing.LRM_EXPORT_20170911_154758LRM_EXPORT_20170911_153357

Did you like this post? Found it informative?Let me know what you think in the Comments section below and tell a friend about it!LRM_EXPORT_20170911_154924



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