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They say, “Shoes speak louder than words”.So gentlemen, today I will share with you some tips on what to consider when shopping for new shoes. These tips are mostly going to apply mainly to formal shoes but also go a long way in helping you with buying any other type of shoe.


There are four main things you need to look out for when you are buying new shoes:

Comfort is KEY, when it comes to footwear- just like it is with clothes. How your feet feel in a pair of shoes is very important. Your feet are always in motion when walking and comfort is something you want to consider because it could potentially affect your health- if you have an uncomfortable shoe. You are probably going to spend almost 10 hours or so in your shoes- take care of your feet by picking a comfortable shoe.LRM_EXPORT_20170920_144105LRM_EXPORT_20170920_151700[1] This is where shoe size also comes in. If you pick a size too small, it will hurt your feet, and if it is a size too big, the same will happen. Pick the right fit and you’re sure to enjoy having a new pair of shoes. High end shoe manufacturers who give thought to comfort, often pad the interior of the shoes they sell with a layer of sponge to absorb sweat and maximize comfort. This,(padding) will also ensure your shoes last longer and are not damaged by sweat.

This refers to how a shoe has been made or crafted. Handcrafted shoes are ideal but at times cost an arm and a leg- so you won’t even manage to wear that shoe anyway(because you will have sold your leg for the shoe😂). However, find a close alternative. For instance Hush Puppies and Ambassador(by Bata) are great alternatives. LRM_EXPORT_20170920_143921

In terms of build, how the sole is attached to the body of the shoe, for example, is a factor when it comes to how long a shoe will last you. Soles that have been sown on to the body of the shoes are better than those that have been glued. This is called Goodyear welting.This technique allows you to resole your shoe in case the sole wears out quicker than the rest of the shoe- which means you will get maximum use of your shoes over a long period of time.LRM_EXPORT_20170920_143331LRM_EXPORT_20170920_143721

That aside, how the sole is built is equally as important. Soles made from layers of leather and covered with rubber are better than wooden and plastic soles- they are more comfortable as easy to resole once they get worn out.LRM_EXPORT_20170920_143222



Shoes come in all shapes and sizes and style is a matter of preference. However, there are some shoe styles that are classics- those that never go out of style. These include oxfords, derbys, captoes, and even plain toes. Before you settle for any of these styles, do your homework on which one is most suitable for the kind of events you want to wear them to and how often you will wear them- for an everyday shoe, pick a basic style that you can wear with anything- something VERSATILE.
This mainly relates to the use of your shoes. Whatever line of work you are in or if you are in school, will your shoes serve the purpose? Functionality ties together all the points I have mentioned already and is as important as comfort is when it comes to footwear.LRM_EXPORT_20170919_192107

Before I wrap this up, let me address the elephant in the room- COST. The truth is that, when it comes to footwear- cheap is expensive. Invest in a good pair of shoes- which will be a little pricey, but will last you a long while. Cheap shoes will not only look cheap, but they will wear out quickly and you will end up buying so many pairs of shoes that won’t serve you well.


Gentlemen, “It doesn’t matter how great your shoes are if you do not accomplish anything in them”-Martina Boone. Step out and make things happen! Did you like this post? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Don’t forget to subscribe via email so that you can get a notification each time I have a new blog post up! Cheers!

Shoes by Hush Puppies- bought from Bata.



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