Hello there! I hope you are well! So, let’s talk about double-breasted coats.LRM_EXPORT_20171026_160617

But first, just what does “double breasted” mean? Well…a doublebreasted garment is a coatjacket, or vest with wide, overlapping front flaps which has on its front two symmetrical columns of buttons; by contrast, a single-breasted item has a narrow overlap and only one column of buttons.LRM_EXPORT_20171026_135652

LRM_EXPORT_20171026_135908-01Double-breasted coats are quite unique because it is something you won’t see every other young tuck rocking. It takes a level of confidence and prowess to pull off one of these neatly. Although they have been quite the trend lately, very few guys know what they are doing when it comes to wearing these- resulting in quite the mess. Double breasted blazers, coats, jackets and waistcoats are worth investing in if you want to add a twist to your wardrobe. They add quite some character to your closet and make you stand out.

Another reason you should have one of these is the fact that they are versatile.


LRM_EXPORT_20171026_135628There are two aspects I’d like to point out when it comes to versatility. The first is the fact that you can dress a double-breasted coat casually and formally. This means that you can pair it with chinos/khakis for a clean casual look- like Eddy did, or go all the way and dress it up- suit ‘n’ tie style like I did for this post. You could easily wear such to a black tie event- just throw on a bow tie instead of a tie and you are good to go.

LRM_EXPORT_20171026_140926The other point when it comes to versatility is the fact that these blazers come in different fabrics and textures- which means you can get one tailored for whatever the occasions you want to be wearing it to. However, fabric like cotton is easier to wear with anything-you can pair it up with a wider array of varied fabric for pants. On the other end, velvet like fabric is a little more formal and is for black tie events mostly and is probably something you won’t be able to wear easily with so many other things.LRM_EXPORT_20171026_141904-01LRM_EXPORT_20171026_135804

Double-breasted jackets can easily get boring and annoying to wear but there is a few things you can do to spice it up a little bit. Using accessories such as ties and pocket squares go such a long way to take things to the next level. Another way to shake things up a little is to mix fabrics with various textures. LRM_EXPORT_20171026_141004-01For instance, my bow tie is colored and has a texture that is “visible”- even without touching. Other ways to make things interesting includes wearing patterned shirts, colored shirts, shirts with cuff links, rocking lapel pins and flowers and so much more. It all comes down to your creativity- what works for one, may not work for another.

LRM_EXPORT_20171026_141108-01This is where character comes in. The flair that a double breasted jacket brings with it is unmatched. The sophisticated construction goes a long way to make you stand out and brings a sense of maturity when it comes to style- when and if done right.LRM_EXPORT_20171026_141822-02

LRM_EXPORT_20171026_140730So should you look to investing in one or two? Definitely! I would definitely urge you to get yourself one or two. Start with basic colors such as grey, black and navy- then step it up into patterned and colored ones once you have learned and mastered the art of wearing these.

One of the things I strongly suggest you watch out for is-FIT. As it is, double-breasted blazers have extra fabric which can make you look larger than you probably are. It is therefore important to get the right fit. Make sure the shoulders, sleeves and the abdominal area fit right. Another important thing to look out for is the spacing between the buttons. Too many tailors locally don’t know how far they should be from each other- ensure they are not too far apart and they aren’t too close together. I would suggest four centimeters or so- just to be safe.LRM_EXPORT_20171026_141802-01

I hope this post helps take your style game to the next level and also makes you think twice the next time you’re skeptical about rocking or buying that double breasted blazer! Come on and get DOUBLE-minded!LRM_EXPORT_20171026_141144

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