Hello there! I trust that you are well! So, it has been said that style is relative. Well, that means it varies from one to another. That, I agree with totally. That’s why I actually brought in what I call the “Wardrobe Power Team” for this post. Allow me to introduce these fine gentlemen. From left to right, Tony Ngige– from a menswear blogger, Handel Ndege Jr., from and Peter Nyakundi, a freelance photographer, and a menswear enthusiast.LRM_EXPORT_20180216_190530

So, when it comes to clothes, personal preference really does matter. For instance, for this shoot, I called these guys and just asked them to pick out whatever they would like to rock for a photo shoot. And that’s what they did. Let’s briefly highlight what everyone settled on wearing:

Tony settled for a maroon blazer with an interesting pattern on it with solid black pants and suede shoes. To top it off, he rocked a pink shirt- which says, “I am daring and bold enough to rock whatever I want.”LRM_EXPORT_20180216_192014LRM_EXPORT_20180216_191722LRM_EXPORT_20180216_191824

Peter settled for a double breasted jacket with details of pink and grey. He paired that with khakis and a black shirt. To add on to the statement already made, his textured cap-toe monk straps make a statement loud enough on their own.lrm_export_20180216_191442.jpgLRM_EXPORT_20180216_191610LRM_EXPORT_20180216_192052

Handel brought his A-game to this shoot- leaving nothing to chance. This look isn’t just a head-turner, it is a neck breaker. The tone of his blazer seamlessly complements his skin tone. To add on to that, he accessorized with gold detail, to add on the shine to this outfit.LRM_EXPORT_20180216_191701LRM_EXPORT_20180216_191054LRM_EXPORT_20180216_191224

On the other hand, I settled for something a little more muted. A seersucker blazer(which is a little unlike me), with navy pants and black tassel loafers to add on to the casual smart outfit. A crisp white shirt has become a favorite for me lately.LRM_EXPORT_20180217_234329LRM_EXPORT_20180218_193828lrm_export_20180216_1921021.jpg

From the diverse looks each of us picked, it is clear that personal style really does vary- some of us like it bold, some of us like it beautiful and others, beautifully bold. What may be gold for me, might not be, for you. However, whatever your preferences when it comes to style, there are constants that will always give you an edge- FIT and KNOWING HOW TO MATCH colors. Once you have these two on lock down, your clothes will NEVER let you down. You can pick out outfits without fear of the unknown. LRM_EXPORT_20180216_192024LRM_EXPORT_20180216_190749LRM_EXPORT_20180216_191950 To add on to that, always make sure you are COMFORTABLE, CONFIDENT and most importantly, BE YOURSELF. That way, you can NEVER go wrong.LRM_EXPORT_20180216_190508

How beautifully each our diverse looks are when we are altogether is enough proof that  these three things will help you grow your personal style- FIT, COMFORT and STYLE. LRM_EXPORT_20180216_190554

Would you guys want to see more collabos? Be sure to drop a comment below, if you do. Be sure to also tell us which look you liked most or which one works best for you! For more of Tony’s work, visit his blog-


12 thoughts on “THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL

  1. Nice post. Am sitted here wondering is it okay to button your double breasted blazer with the right side on top of the left? Tony does that in some pictures and it doesn’t look right to me.

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