Happy New month folks! First of all, (I have always wanted to say that here¯\_(ツ)_/¯) this blazer is not brown, nor is it maroon or orange.LRM_EXPORT_20180305_082952 It is called burnt orange, thanks to www.platinum-queen.com,(who enlightened me on the name of this color). I think I finally agree that we guys are color blind- to me this blazer was brown, but not anymore.LRM_EXPORT_20180305_083149

Ok, now that is done with, let’s jump onto the post. Shall we?

Most of us often get comfortable once we discover our personal style. Of course as human beings, our comfort zones are where we feel at home but once in a while it is a good idea to try something different. We all have one or two articles of clothing that often get heads turning each time we wear them- that’s where those bold clothes come in. This blazer is that one for me. It sure does take guts to throw this on- It has taken 3 years for me to even post it here.LRM_EXPORT_20180305_082901

The wide lapels on this jacket are somewhat retro-inspired. The patch pockets give it an interesting casual  feel that makes it ideal for composing casual smart outfits. I paired it with tan chinos and vintage tassel loafers which add on to the overall vintage aesthetic.LRM_EXPORT_20180305_083315LRM_EXPORT_20180305_083544

From previous posts, it is obvious that  I fancy muted colors like grey, black and blue but changing that up a bit for this post was a good idea. If at all you want to grow your personal style further, try something different and unlike you. LRM_EXPORT_20180305_083246LRM_EXPORT_20180305_083401Whether it is trying out new color palettes or playing around with proportions like lapel sizes, or maybe just a funky pocket square. It will help you discover something new and you will keep coming up with fresh ideas that you can incorporate into your daily outfits and overall style. Try it out when you can, it will give your wardrobe a burst of new energy and will absolutely help you revamp your style slowly, but surely.LRM_EXPORT_20180305_083947

LRM_EXPORT_20180305_082629Did this outfit win or nah? Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below. Also check out my latest video on how to dress well on a budget HERE! Thank you so much for stopping by!LRM_EXPORT_20180305_082727



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