First of all, HAPPY NEW MONTH TO YOU!! Due to public demand, here I am again with another post for the ladies!!! Be sure to share and tell a friend if you like this post!

So…where were we again?😂…ahem…My love for A-line skirts at this point is undeniable. The delicate balance between femininity and gracefulness is what really catches my eye and grabs my attention when it comes to this design. As popular as they are, very few ladies can pull this off neatly and kill the look while at it. lrm_export_20180401_144614.jpg

As much as there are various styles of the A-line skirt, there are various reasons why every girl should have one of these in her closet. Apart from the fact that it is a stylish piece that is timeless, what I would really like to highlight in this post is how VERSATILE this skirt can be.LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144617

Many people might not think about it in this way but this skirt is as versatile as they come. It is the kind of skirt you can wear to church, wear to a date and still look great without raising eyebrows. LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144520A form of versatility is the fact that you can dress it up and dress it down. You can wear it with solid tops of various designs to either achieve a casual or formal and dressy look.

Another detail you can use to achieve different vibes in various outfits around this skirt, is your shoes. A pair of heels or stilettos will give you an edgy formal look that will really make a statement wherever you go. On the other hand, for a more casual vibe, a pair of flats will do you much good for comfort and style- call it killing two birds with one stone.LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144618LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144448

The tailoring is also important when it comes to the A-line. The number of pleats and how well the pleats are done really determine how your overall look will look like. It is therefore important to be careful as far as craftsmanship is concerned. Get a tailor who can work it really well and you will keep this skirt for a long time. The fabric you choose will also determine how the skirt fits and looks, therefore pick something a little sturdy so that your tailor can achieve that A-LINE effect. This particular fabric is Matte Satin.LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144609

LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144500If you are going to buy it off the rack, I would suggest you have it fit right from the get-go and avoid alterations later- which will probably mess your skirt and you will end up wasting cash- *maliciously*-But what is money? *insertluoaccent* 😂…Also avoid the generic ones we see all over the place if you want to stand out? It will give your outfit that special ‘Je ne sais quoi’, thank me later? Now go forth and get you A-game on and kill it while at it! Ow…and feel free to Google what ‘Je ne sais quoi’ means and how to pronounce it?😜LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144522LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144556

NB. If you want a versatile skirt of this design, solid colored ones work best because they won’t draw as much attention as colored and flowery ones.

Be sure to let me know what you think about this post-(considering I barely know anything about ladies clothes lol.) But of course I had a little help here-  from, you know who! 😄LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144450

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Photography by Agani Nyakundi Photography.


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