YEEESSS!! She has finally given you the green light!🚦 Congratulations👏!…you have landed yourself a date with that pretty damsel you have been eyeing for a while now-(wooohhooo!😎)…. And though your name isn’t Adam, she has become the apple of your eye or is it i?📱😂(pun intended) LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144445But what you’re going to talk about is the least of your worries because you have the gift of the gab. But your Adam’s apple moving up and down and your deep voice won’t be enough to make that killer first impression you’re hoping for. That’s where your clothes come in. What you wear is the first thing she will see, so in today’s post, I’ll share FOUR tips that will help you pick out an outfit for any date and look bomb in that outfit!LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144420

PS. You don’t have to pull off the looks in this post, they are just ideas that I think work really well for particular settings when going on a date.

#1MAKE AN EFFORT 💪🏾💪🏾 – By this I mean, wear some thing that is different from what you would wear any or every other day. She will notice that you put some thought into what you’re wearing and as a result, you will score more point on her score card- which is a WIN for you!LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144433

Which brings me to #2, as much as  you’re going to WEAR SOMETHING DIFFERENT, DON’T OVERDRESS. It will make you look like you are trying too hard. In some cases, you will find yourself out dressing her-(if there’s a thing like that.) That’s not something you want to do. LRM_EXPORT_20180402_045449So for example, save that power suit for another day when she is probably introducing you to her friends- it will come in handy because girls like being with someone they can flaunt- at least from the little I know about them. lol.LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144500

#3. DRESS FOR THE OCCASION. Simply put, choose clothes that are appropriate for the kind of date you two are going for. Whether it is a picnic, or a fancy restaurant, dress appropriately and comfortably for the occasion, and weather also!LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144520

#4.BE WELL GROOMED– If it means getting a fresh haircut to complement your outfit, by all means do that! It will help polish your look and you will look effortlessly dapper. LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144528

I am sure if you follow these four tips, you will leave that date with more than just the golden handshake 😂- probably a second date and many more to come perhaps! LRM_EXPORT_20180402_113154I hope this posts helps make things easier the next time you go on a date and don’t know what to wear. Be sure to let me know what you think about our outfits in the comments section below! You should also check out my post BRING YOUR A GAME, where i get to talk about her outfit HERE!LRM_EXPORT_20180401_144618LRM_EXPORT_20180402_113311

And oh! Did I say HAPPY NEW MONTH!:-) Thanks so much for stopping by!😃

Photography by Agani Nyakundi Photography.


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