Happy New month to you! Or am I too late to say that?😅😅, my bad but let’s not make excuses for my being away for now?- let’s jump right into today’s post! A few weeks ago I posted a poll on my Instagram- (which you can check out HERE),on whether or not dressing up a denim jacket works…and oh well, there were some much anticipated YEAYS and NAYS- of course…so I thought I’d take up the challenge and whip something up for the blog. I actually thought it would be a genius idea…wait, I mean JEANius idea.😎LRM_EXPORT_20180516_143126.jpg

LRM_EXPORT_20180521_130925.jpgTo pull off this look, I first set out to work around a specific theme as far as color is concerned. I worked around blue and brown- which turned out to be an almost-perfect match. Choosing a theme color makes it easier to compose stylish outfits because you only have so much to work with.I also played around with patterns to add some flair to the outfit. I kind of matched the pattern on the pants and shirt just to make the outfit a little seamless. LRM_EXPORT_20180516_142809.jpg

The tie is what ties this outfit together- pun intended😂. The colors on it match the theme around which I composed the outfit and the green adds a pop of color which is an element of surprise and contrast to some extent. The woolen texture it has gives the outfit a warm feel that is ideal for the cold weather.

LRM_EXPORT_20180516_143103.jpgIf this outfit feels a little too bold, for starters, khaki pants would work well with a solid colored shirt and then you could experiment every so often after that.LRM_EXPORT_20180521_131623.jpgLRM_EXPORT_20180521_131601.jpgI am sure you’re wondering where you’d wear this to🤔. Well, a casual Friday at the office would be most appropriate but for students like myself, this look is ideal for days when you have class presentations or days you just want to break necks around school or remind people of how stylish you can be. It’ll get the girls talking for sure and compliments will come flying in left right and center. You’ll thank me later.😅LRM_EXPORT_20180516_143136.jpgLRM_EXPORT_20180516_142908.jpg

Before I assume that I killed it with this look, be sure to let me know what you think about it? Is it something you would try? Drop a comment in the section below and let’s get talking !thanks for stopping by!😃LRM_EXPORT_20180521_125904.jpgLRM_EXPORT_20180516_143043.jpg


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