Happy New month to you! I trust that you are well?! So on a general scale, guys tend to shy away from colors considered to be bright colors. In the process of avoiding colors such as pink, and red, colors like burgundy become collateral damage. LRM_EXPORT_20180610_235659.jpg On the contrary, burgundy is  what I’d call an in-between color. It is not too bright, neither is it dull. This makes it a very versatile color as far as menswear is concerned. Whether it is a pair of trousers or a blazer, it is easy to dress up and dress down. That means you can dress it up and make it formal like I did for this post- or you could wear it casually, like I will-in my up coming post in a fortnight. (Stay tuned for that, and subscribe to the blog via e-mail so you do not miss out on that.)LRM_EXPORT_20180610_233023.jpg

Another aspect as far as versatility is concerned is, burgundy can be paired with many other colors such as grey, black, white and even navy blue. It is a perfect in-between color that you can wear to a business meeting and still rock to an afternoon outdoors event that doesn’t need you too dapperly done. LRM_EXPORT_20180612_110340.jpgLRM_EXPORT_20180610_233448.jpg


For a more dandy approach, I picked up this knitted tie to add some texture to my outfit. Accessories such as a lapel pin that matches your metals,(your watch and belt buckle) are a sure way to also add some personality to your outfit.LRM_EXPORT_20180611_000031.jpgIf burgundy outerwear like a blazer or pants are too much for you, try ease into it with a tie or socks or just a pocket square for a start. This is a sure way to spice up what would otherwise be a boring monochromatic wardrobe. LRM_EXPORT_20180610_233640.jpgLRM_EXPORT_20180608_005132.jpg

Be sure to let me know what you think about this combination? Is it something you would try? I hope this helps you ease into adding some color into your wardrobe! Thanks so much for stopping by! LRM_EXPORT_20180612_110633.jpg


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