One of the most under-used items in menswear is the unconstructed blazer. You probably had never heard about it until now. Well, neither had I until a few weeks ago, and when I found one, I didn’t think twice- I bought this one immediately. Well, what does it mean- an unconstructed blazer and why should you invest in one- you ask? Say no more, that’s what I will cover in today’s post.LRM_EXPORT_20180702_085004.jpg

In simple terms, an unconstructed blazer is one that has no added material for padding, stiffening or shape retention. It takes the structure of your body when you wear it- yes, that means you MUST be in shape to look good in one of these- GOOD SHAPE! The unconstructed blazer often fits more loosely compared to its more formal counterpart. LRM_EXPORT_20180702_083711.jpg

That said, why should you even invest in one? For starters, if you do not have one, your wardrobe is still under construction πŸ˜‚, but here are more reasons you should get one:

First of all, this jacket is as versatile as they come. It can easily be dressed down with t-shirt for a perfect weekend look with chinos or khakis and can be dressed up with a shirt and khakis and a formal pair of shoes for a business casual look. That means you will so much use out of it, but PLEASE, DO NOT wear it with formal pants? It will look absurd because it is meant to be a casual piece. PS. (And I am still working on finding an alternative word for VERSATILEπŸ€”- I use it here too often)πŸ˜…LRM_EXPORT_20180702_084604.jpg

LRM_EXPORT_20180702_084927.jpgAnother reason you should absolutely get one of these is the fact that it can be a perfect layering piece. Due to its structure and roomy nature, it allows for layers to be worn under it and over it. You can wear a sweater for instance beneath it or a top coat over it to keep warm in the cold weather. You can also wear it on its own on hot days. Just get creative with this one guys!LRM_EXPORT_20180702_083707.jpgLRM_EXPORT_20180702_083653.jpg

The fact that this jacket is unique is also a good reason to buy one. If you would like to set yourself apart from the average guy, this is your go-to piece. It is not as popular with the modern guy so you will end up being the trend setter my friend!😎LRM_EXPORT_20180702_084708.jpgLRM_EXPORT_20180702_083732.jpg

LRM_EXPORT_20180702_083718.jpgThat said, you should absolutely consider getting one of these ultimately because it will end up being a solid weapon in your casual-wear arsenal that you will always use when you want to dress to kill- pun very intended!πŸ˜… I got this one during one of my thrift shopping escapades in “G-mall” for like 200 Ksh. Oh my bad! G-Mall is Gikomba! Haha, ok I am done here!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚That’s all folks!

Photography by Agani Nyakundi Photography




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