Hello there! Unwelcome as this July cold has been, it seems to be going nowhere. At this rate, it could as well just last all year longπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I know how hectic it can be dressing for the cold. A trench coat can be very taxing and can be a burden to carry throughout the whole day, that is the problem I hope this post will solve for you.LRM_EXPORT_20180724_080748

For the suave and savvy guy, woolen coats are a great alternative to wearing heavy outerwear. They are a great way to keep warm and still look sharp without having to overdress. Woolen coats come in so many colors and designs but a simple one should do. LRM_EXPORT_20180724_083417LRM_EXPORT_20180724_075659I settled on getting a green one because it goes with the vibe the weather has- dull. I would suggest colors like grey, brown or navy blue just because they are more versatile. This way, you will keep warm and still look stylish.LRM_EXPORT_20180724_080123LRM_EXPORT_20180724_080444

LRM_EXPORT_20180724_080257A simple way to make this look different is to layer using a sweater for example. Though this will make you look a little “bulky”, it is still functional and when it gets a bit too warm, all you need is to remove the jacket.LRM_EXPORT_20180724_081030-1 LRM_EXPORT_20180724_080636In retrospect, I would suggest that you settle for a sweater that has a pattern or something to add on some detail to the outfit. I think the grey one I settled for makes the look a bit too basic but it still serves the purpose.

Where can you get a woolen jacket? Well, I got mine from a thrift haul- like I always do with many of my jackets but they are very popular especially during this cold season so be on the lookout for random sales around- whether in shops or just on the street, you won’t regret getting one of these! Be sure to keep warm, and stay dapper guys!LRM_EXPORT_20180724_080058LRM_EXPORT_20180724_083205



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