So I am back after a month-long break- because I was on school holiday of course! But that aside, Happy New Month to you!

When it comes to men’s formal wear, you cannot underestimate the power of a tie. It can either tie a look together (pun VERY INTENDED), or it can break a look. wp-1536067324652.jpgThe fabric, proportion and stitching all come to play to make a good tie. All these are small details that go a long way in helping you look a sharp as possible and also determining how long a tie will last you.wp-1536064035158.jpg

But I am sure, you’re probably thinking, a tie is just a tie, right?..haha WRONG! I had the same mindset when I started wearing ties up to a few months when I came across these ties from Age Clothing- which is a Kenyan brand by the way.wp-1536063149357.jpg

For starters, proportion is key when it comes to picking and buying ties. The tie you wear should match the width of your lapel and correspond to your body size. Their collection are a perfect in-between the annoyingly thin ties and the vintage wide ones that not many people can pull off well. These are about 2 inches wide which makes them just perfect for the modern man- considering many suit lapels are cut to that size.wp-1536063197173.jpg

wp-1536063149355.jpgWhen it comes to fabric, these guys have nailed that down with silk, wool, cotton and blends of these in some cases. Though sturdy at first, once you break these ties in, they drape naturally on your body and seamlessly make your outfit stand out.wp-1536063197195.jpg

The other thing I really loved about these ties is the fact that they have the loop at the back of the tie so your tie’s tail end won’t have to dangle around all day long. wp-1536063149642.jpg The stitching done on these ties also allows them to withstand much  pressure without getting worn out over time due to tying and untying.

At the price point, I think these are a steal for such great quality. But even more than that, they have limited the number of the various tie styles they have which means you will be unique and set apart from the rest of the crowd. These are a perfect gift idea for the modern man and come in minimal, masculine packaging that I love. Once you get your hands on one of these, one won’t be enough.wp-1536067666447.jpgwp-1536067221486.jpg

Be sure to grab yours today HERE and MAKE A STATEMENT! They will also be dropping a new collection in 10 days from now, so you want to mark that in your calendar to get that drop when time comes. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Photography by Agani Nyakundi Photography.wp-1536063149626.jpgwp-1536067377883.jpg



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