About Me

LRM_EXPORT_20180521_130925.jpgHello there! Welcome to Wardrobe Chronicles! This is a Kenyan Menswear fashion blog where I get to share men’s fashion tips and keep you up to speed with what is trendy as far as style is concerned- of course not forgetting the staples that make you a stylish gentleman! Oh wait!, did I say my name? I am David Ochola- a young Kenyan male fashion blogger, a voice over artist and a student of journalism at USIU-Africa.

I started blogging because I could hardly find a blog whose style I could relate with. Besides, I like to think of myself as a trend setter, not one to follow. On my blog, I get to share ideas on how to dress up. From casual, casual smart all the way to dressy and formal- I’ve got you covered. I also have a Youtube Channel(which you can visit HERE), where I talk about style, manners and grooming- which plays a complimentary role to this blog.

I believe that clothes and manners do not make the man, but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.